The HHS Trust was formed initially with two focus areas in mind:

1.    The funding of capital projects to benefit the school
2.    The Learner sponsorship programme.

Educational dropout is not an option for HHS and, as such, the Trust endeavours to raise finance for disadvantaged students whose parents are unable to afford the school fees or where a family in our school community falls on hard times.

The Trust has several easy ways in which the public, past or current parents and past students can donate towards our Trust. Please consult this two-page pdf document

Rand a Day
R30 monthly contribution (single)
R60 monthly contribution (family)

This money will go specifically towards our Multi Purpose Facility that is
scheduled for construction later in 2015. Each brick costs R250.

If the school has served you and your children well, you might wish to
bequeth an amount in your Will to the Hillcrest High School Trust

To serve as a member on one of our Trust sub-committees.

To donate to the HHS Trust or volunteer your services, kindly contact our Trust Administrator, Mr Rod van Eck at vaneckr@hhs.co.za