At Hillcrest High School we firmly believe in exposing our students to as many international contacts and activities as possible. There are several ways in which your child can do become involved.

AfriBrit is a partnership between our school and County High School in Leftwich, near Manchester, England. This relationship is recognized by the British Council. The schools work together and communicate with one another regarding issues that affect young people.

Students from the two schools have visited one another in a bid to forge a firm relationship and a better understanding of the challenges that young people face in different parts of the world.

People to People International
People to People International ( is a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Kansas City, USA. It operates worldwide and focuses on promoting ‘Peace through Understanding’. Mary-Jean Eisenhower, granddaughter of Dwight D Eisenhower, is the CEO of the organization.

People to People International offers many programs and leadership conferences for students. During the past few years, our students have attended global youth forums in the USA, Regional Conferences in Turkey and Egypt and Peace Camps in Egypt and Jordan. Being a part of this organization allows students to broaden their understanding of different cultures, nationalities and countries as well as increasing their own self-esteem and efforts in making a difference in their world.

Hillcrest High School’s student chapter is the only active chapter in South Africa and is headed up by Adult Advisor and teacher, Miss Megan van Eck. Megan serves on the Board of Trustees and is Vice-Chair for the Africa/Middle East Region. In 2009 she won the Best Adult Advisor Award and received the Leadership Award in 2012.

Global Young Leaders’ Conference
This conference is held annually in Washington DC, and New York. It provides a platform for exceptional students from around the world to interact with fellow students, participate in simulated UN debates and to discuss international concerns. Since 2001, twenty five of our students have been nominated and were accepted for this prestigious conference.

After the Global Young Leaders’ Conference, the students have the opportunity to attend the Global Young Leaders’ Summit. Several of our students have been invited to attend this Summit, based on their exemplary performance during the Conference.

Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust
This Trust was established some years ago by Mrs Margaret Turnbull, a retired school principal from London. Every August she brings a group of senior students from schools in London to visit South Africa. The students spend their days at local disadvantaged schools, improving facilities and providing some elementary teaching to the pupils. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to forge friendships with students from the United Kingdom.