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2018 Matric Results

Congratulations to our 2018 Matrics on achieving another excellent set of results. We are proud of them, as indeed we are of the staff and of their parents, all of whom play a critical role in nurturing and supporting the students.

Our Matric Class of 2018 achieved an excellent pass rate of 99.49% and 80.41% Bachelors pass. There were 211 distinctions, with our top two achievers getting 18 of those. A further five students achieved 7 distinctions each.

For the first time, we had students writing the Advanced Programme Mathematics examination administered by the Independent Examinations Board. All five students, viz. Laurie Aucamp, Natalie Fortmann, Alex Küsel, Medha Shukla and Michaela Solomon, passed well and, as their teacher Mrs Knight said, ‘We are extremely proud of their achievement’.

Some of the top individual performers were Laurie Aucamp (9 distinctions) and Mandy Pitchers (9 distinctions), Joanna Sprighton (7 distinctions), Alexandra Pretorius (7 distinctions), Michaela Solomon (7 distinctions), Natalie Fortmann (7 distinctions) and Bianca Jaglal (7 distinctions), Alex Küsel (6 distinctions), Breeze-Tae Morrell (6 distinctions), Teag Theron (6 distinctions), Medha Shukla (6 distinctions), Jamie Fourie (6 distinctions) and Nompilo Khoza (6 distinctions), Damon Knox-Whitehead (5 distinctions) and Courtney Lewis (5 distinctions), Ayla Clarke (4 distinctions) and Luyanda Mkhize (4 distinctions).

‘Our 2018 Matrics have done themselves, their teachers and their families proud. Particular thanks to the staff and their parents for nurturing and guiding these students to do their best and to embrace our motto ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’. We hope they will continue to adopt this philosophy as they pursue their future goals and we extend to them very best wishes as they do so.’

HHS Headmaster

Mr Craig Girvin


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22 May - Start of Grade 10-12 exams

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